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Do you have any beer here?

A VERY festive ornament for your tree!

To be personalized according to your favorite type of beer!


Looking for your next crochet project?

All my patterns are available online!

chouchou crochet

Children's scrunchies

So happy with my favorites, they are perfect!
And this craftswoman is super nice and super generous… she gave $ 1 per pet sold to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation… and I bought 16! 😄

(October 2021)

Lapin peluche

Rabbit plush

Just perfect ! My daughter already loves it!

(February 2021)

Guenille coton

Ragged boss

Very simple pattern that allows you to crochet without having to think about it! And to dispose of the remains of cotton. This designer is adorable too!

(May 2020)


You have a question? A proposal? Write to me here or via my social networks (links at the bottom of the page)

Thank you for what you sent !

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