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City Lights, a crochet pattern as an homage to my city

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Here it is, my newest pattern, the City Lights hat. It's a hat that pays homage to my favorite view of Montreal, when it lights up at night 🌃

Yarn can be dyed ANY color?

In 2020, my mom asked me for a khaki and old pink hat. Two pretty simple colors, yet I could never find yarn in those colors even after scouring the inventories of many local yarn stores. I turned to my Instafriend Melanie, the dyer behind The Pinecone Project : "Are you able to dye a custom color?" "Why not?!", she answered. A few days later, I had my skeins and they were absolutely beautiful.

une femme porte des lunettes et une tuque rose et verte avec pompon
Pattern: La Camille from Inspire Création

What about a landscape... on a skein?

In early 2021, I had an idea. If Melanie could dye any color, she could probably dye an atmosphere, a feeling, a moment.

I had an image in mind: Montreal, at night, its building lighting up like glitter on the night sky.

And that is exactly what I found in this picture from Deux Québécois autour du monde:

(c) Deux Québécois autour du monde

I sent this photo to Melanie and within two weeks, I had an absolutely perfect yarn in the mail. I mean... look at this! 😍

Deux écheveaux de laine près d'une carte géographique de Montréal
City Lights, hand dyed by The Pinecone Project

A hat pattern was born!

I immediately went to work, doing several tests. I wanted to create a hat that would showcase the beautiful color and have a lot of texture, while remaining simple and accessible. It took a while, but the result is finally here: the City Lights hat.

I love it because:

  • It can be crocheted quickly (in one sitting!)

  • It is warm (especially with Melanie's merino wool/nylon yarn)

  • It is easy to make (half double crochet and double crochet stitches)

  • It is available in 7 sizes (newborn, baby, child, teen, small, medium, large)

  • You can add a pompom or not, you choose

The yarn

I really like The Pinecone Project's yarns, this is not the first time I've used them. The bulky yarn used here is an 80% merino and 20% nylon base, spun in 2 ply. It is hand dyed in Gatineau, Quebec. It doesn't stretch much, so it will be very important to gauge before you start and choose the right size for your head circumference. The pattern does include 2" of negative ease.

Check out the FAQ page on Melanie's website for more details and care tips.

You can purchase the yarn required for the pattern on her website.

Get 15% off the yarn required for this pattern with the code CITYLIGHTS.

Tested and approved

All my patterns are tested by crocheters of all backgrounds and experiences. City Lights was been tested and approved by 6 testers*, here are some of their creations:

* To become a tester, subscribe to my newsletter and you'll be informed of my future tester calls.

So, will you be casting on this hat?

Find the pattern on the links below 👇

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