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Crochet pattern: My velvet heart 💖

Valentine's Day is coming up. It's a time to celebrate love, whether it's the love of a partner, child, friend or family member. Without making a big thing of it, it's nice to offer a little something to our loved ones.

My free pattern My Velvet Heart is a great one for gift making, and I have just revised and improved it. It was originally published in February 2020.

This free pattern is available below or as a free download on Ravelry.

You'll love it because:

  • It's a quick make

  • It can be made with any type of yarn (you just need to adjust your hook)

  • It's a great stash buster

  • It's versatile: make a keychain, ornament or garland out of it!

Level: easy

Also available in French

What you'll need

A 6.5 mm hook + 20 g of Bernat Velvet yarn OR A 4.5 mm hook + 15 g of Bernat Baby Velvet yarn Polyester filling Optional: 30 cm of ribbon or a keychain ring


ch = chain dec = decrease (sc 2 together)

inc = increase (sc 2 in same st)

r = row sc = single crochet sl st = slip stitch st = stitch

Hand holding a ribbon to which a velvet pink heart is attached.
Another option: suspend some hearts everywhere or even in the Christmas tree!

The Pattern

Heart body (make 2) R 1: ch 3 and turn. R 2: sc in second st from hook and the next, ch 1 and turn. R 3: 2 inc, ch 1 and turn (4 st) R 4: inc, sc 2, inc, ch 1 and turn. (6) R 5: inc, sc 4, inc, ch 1 and turn. (8) R 6: inc, sc 6, inc, ch 1 and turn. (10) R 7: inc, sc 8, inc, ch 1 and turn. (12) R 8: inc, sc 10, inc, ch 1 and turn. (14)

1st heart: continue here R 9: sc 7, ch 1 and turn. R 10: dec, sc 3, dec. Ch 1 and turn (5 st)

R 11: dec, sc, dec. Ch 1 and turn (3 st) R 12: sc, dec (2 st). Bind off.

2nd heart: continue here R 9: pick up the first st from the external border of the heart, ch, sc 7. Ch 1 and turn. Repeat rows 10 to 12. Do not bind off the second heart.

Weave in ends.


Hold the two hearts together, with threads inside. Sc in row ends through both sides around both hearts (see picture below for the correct # of sts per side). About 6 sts before finishing, fill your heart with polyester filling. Continue the border, sl st in the first picked up st and bind off.

Optional: insert a ribbon in the middle of the heart and make a knot. This will transform your heart into an ornament. You can also attach a keyring chain to your heart.

Last step: share with your loved ones!

Hand holding a heart-shaped velvet pink heart.
This one was made of Bernat Baby Blanket yarn and a 4.5 mm hook

Congrats! You've finished your mug cozy!

I always appreciate seeing your makes. Please share yours on social media with #lesmaillesamailloux.


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