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Gift Guide for the Most Beautiful Hooks to Offer or Ask For

The problem with fiber arts is that whatever you start with, it's a gateway drug to more arts, accessories and things you think you need: beautiful stitch markers, gorgeous wools, each softer or more colorful than the previous one, amazing hooks and more. The good thing is, crocheters and makers are really easy to spoil! With the Holiday season coming soon (whether you like it or not), here are some suggestions for beautiful crochet hooks to offer or to treat yourself.

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Hooks that have been tested and approved ✅

Accessible Life: resin, colorwork and accessibility 🇨🇦

Shelby uses resin as the base material to create these colorful and original hooks. Each of the hooks she makes has been turned by hand, as can be seen in this video. The goal behind this small Saskatchewan-based business is to make tools that make crocheting more accessible to people with pain or sensitivities. I tested the product myself and really liked the width of the handle, which really reduces tensions in the muscles of the hand when working for a while. It's essential to pay attention to this when we crochet every day, our hands are the most important appendage of our body, we must take care of them.

With over 80 hooks of all sizes and colors available as I'm writing this post, there's plenty to choose from! And if your favorite color or hook size isn't available, Shelby is open to custom orders. Also good to note, these hooks are very affordable, which is another accessibility factor.

Twists of This and That: hand-turned wooden hooks 🇨🇦

Elaina and Adam have a small farm with Angora rabbits, Finn sheep and alpacas in Ontario. They sell skeins made from their animals' fiber online, but also a host of accessories for lovers of fiber and crochet. It was their beautiful wooden hooks that first caught my attention to them. Available in limited quantities, they are hand turned by Adam and they generously gifted me one to see the quality in person.

The artisanal aspect of these handmade products moves me every time. To say that a branch or a piece of tree (literally!) has become, under the attentive hands of a craftsman, a tool that will then allow me to create other objects with my hands is quite magical, right ?

Furls Crochet 🇺🇸🇬🇧 : the famous ones

It would be difficult to post an article on hooks without mentioning Furls. They are the ones who opened the way for me to an almost addiction to beautiful hooks! My personal favorites are the Odyssey, which offer an interesting heaviness to relax the palm of the hand, and the Streamline hooks, which have an interesting grip as well as absolutely magical colors.

Careful : prices are in US dollars. However, they often host sales which are really worth checking out. I think my next purchase will be the Jupiter Streamline Galaxy and its beautiful pink glitter... 👀

Even more beautiful crochet hooks

I haven't had the chance to test the next hooks, but I've been looking at them for a while (wink wink to my closed ones...) and I think you'll like them too.

Handmade resin hooks, for lovers of sequins and colors!

The little extra: you can choose your base and the size of the hook independently!

However, stocks are going fast. Be on the lookout Fridays at 5 p.m. (PT).

2P's Hooking 🇨🇦

Very simple hooks, but covered with silicone balls which have to be very comfortable given their softness.

The little extra: she takes personalized orders!

Amazingly beautiful polymer clay crochet hooks, offered in two different shapes and hand painted. They are so beautiful that it's almost embarrassing to use them as a tool!

More polymer clay, but this time they are very figurative and you can find hooks for all occasions in her shop. I really have a thing for her gnomes!

The little extra : you can once again select the size and the brand of the hook after you've chosen your desired handle.

Knitbrooks 🇨🇦

I've been following Kelly for a while and her woodworking has kept on evolving over the past few years. Her crochet hooks pay homage to nature and the grain and essence of the woods she works with.

When simple branches become works of art. Painting, dyeing, woodburning are just a few techniques used by Roux to make these hooks, each one more unique than the last. That's more of a collector's item!

So, have you made any discoveries? Shopped ? Added items to your list for Santa Claus?

Do you know other craftsmen/women and creators who deserve to be on this list? I want to discover more, send me names!


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