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Instagram in October : my yarn and crochet related finds and discoveries

New article theme! How about a little roundup of my crochet and yarn discoveries on Instagram? It really is my favorite social network. On there I always find beauty, inspiration, a fun community and tips and tricks. I save a lot of posts that appeal to me and I am now offering some of my favorites from last month, hoping to inspire you in turn.

Let's go!

1- This incredible Christmas sweater pattern from High Five Hand Knits

Skill: knitting

Category: pattern

I'm a big Christmas fan so obviously, this pattern immediately caught my eye with its bright colors, its textures and its assumed eccentricity! It promises to be a great challenge and a great practice for intarsia knitting, and definitely not a boring project. Unfortunately for me, I've never finished a sweater (knitted or crocheted), so I'll wait a bit before getting started! For the real adventurers, get the pattern here.

2- An adorable romper pattern for baby 🌈

Skill: crochet

Category: pattern (coming soon)

I crocheted a romper lately and really enjoyed the experience. It's the kind of project that can be done quickly and allows you to work different kinds of shaping techniques. This one really caught my eye, in its multiple versions.

The pattern hasn't been released yet, but that's to be expected in November.

3- Sarah Dee's Witch Crow, a free amigurumi pattern for Halloween

Skill: crochet

Category: pattern (free)

Sarah Prather is one of my favorite designers. I have often made her some of her comforters and amigurumi designs and I really like her style. Heckle the crow is a free pattern available on Sarah's blog. He is so cute with his wizard hat!

4- The Clay Bean Company's handcrafted fall hooks 🍁

Skill: crochet

Category: accessories

Another business that really should have made it into my best hooks gift guide is The Clay Bean Company! I bookmarked all of their new releases this month...!

Tip: to get one of her incredible handmade hooks, subscribe to her posts as she releases them in small batches only, and they sell quickly!

5- A cotton play ball for kids

Skill: crochet

Category: pattern (free)

velours chenille ghosts crochet Fall Halloween
My little ghosts made from her pattern

I discovered Bomuldskys while researching a ghost pattern on Instagram. She has many super simple patterns that are completely free on her website, but also on her Instagram page. I really liked the colors of this pretty balloon, a great idea to make for a child with a little rattle inside!

6- A crocheted dress with floral lace

Skill: crochet

Category: pattern

Earlier in this post, I referred to a romper I crocheted recently. The pattern was from Babes in the Wool. She also published the Fleur Dress pattern this summer and, as a little girl's new mom, my heart almost melted! Look at this gorgeous floral lace! Pattern available here.

7- Velvet vegetables 🥦🥕

Skill: crochet

Category: pattern

It's impossible not to love broccoli when it looks like this! I'm a fan of velvet yarn and I really like this use of this silky yarn in a cute amigurumi. Elena Dorogina's collection of vegetable amigurumi patterns is available on Ravelry.

8- Holly Woodward's newest granny sweater

Skill: crochet

Category: pattern

Definitely gotta do one of Holly's sweaters eventually. This designer does fashion miracles with the granny stitch. Her most recent pattern, the Gracie V Neck, is really modern and simple, I love it! Find it here.

9- Something sweet 🍎😋

Skill: cooking

Category: recipe

I also watch a lot of food content on Instagram and what made me salivate this month was this recipe for apple pie buns... YUM! Recipe available here.

👉 Tell me, do you like this type of blog post? What are your main sources of inspiration? Are you on Instagram?


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