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My 2022 Make Nine

Are you familiar with the #makenine trend ? A bunch of these appear at the beginning of the year within the crochet, knit and sewing communities on Instagram: setup a grid of 9 projects you want to make in the next year and then review it in December. It's an interesting exercise to plan your year of makes and 9 projects still gives you plenty of room for spontaneous creations or a compulsive purchase of beautiful yarn that you just want to work with instantaneously...!

My instafriend @melina_tricot is an inspiration for her lovely make nines. She's inspiring with her beautiful knitwear projects but oh, do I not have her patience for garments!
grille de patrons tricot vêtements projets 2022
@melina_tricot 's 2022 Make nine

I've decided to try this trend for the first time as there are some projects I've been wanting to make for years and then forget about them until we're like 3 days before a Holiday... Do you think this will help me be more organized?! 😵‍💫

Dishcloths with spice... practical and funny!

A quickie that makes me laugh so much. Especially when you know Nadine from Mère et Fille Tricots... who's really not the sweary type!

3 patterns are available in English: No Shit, Duh, and Crap Fest.

Lavette en coton blanc ou est inscrit le mot Tabarnak
Mt favorite one. (c) Mère et Fille Tricots

Indy Cardigan for the little ones by Rebekka Van Laar

I discovered @homeofthehook with her Lola Jumper pattern in 2020, and I made multiple versions of this adorable sweater. Her patterns are easy to follow and really adorable. Let's just say that I LOVE bobbles!

There always seems to be a baby to be born around me since last year, so I like making little pieces to distribute as gifts and I really want to make this cardigan!

Cardigan crocheté en laine avec boutons et manches à bulles
The Indy Cardigan (c) Home of the Hook

Finally finishing this sweater...

I started this sweater in 2018. I'm ashamed. I never make big projects because I get tired of them quickly. That's why I do a lot of accessories, decorative items or even baby clothes. I absolutely have to finish my No Frills Sweater in 2022!

For Mother's Day: the eternal flower

I immediately bought this pattern when La Fée Crochette released! I thought it woul make such a nice gift and I even have the CréartLaine yarn she recommends in stock. Another project must have come up in the meantime as I didn't make it. It would make a nice Mother's Day gift!

*The pattern is available in English!

(c) La Fée CROCHETte par Julie St-Hilaire

The Ursa Major hat

Femme portant une tuque laine bouclé crochet fait main hiver
Lovely Julie wearing her Ursa Major (c) ACCROchet

Do we makers ever have enough hats? I've been so curious about bouclé yarn ever since Julie, aka ACCROchet, launched her Ursa Major hat. I was then convinced of the softness of this yarn when I felt it in a beautifully woven scarf by Atelier Bergé in December.

Fluff It!

It's so Fluffy I'm gonna diiiiiie!

Such a beautiful hat and even better when made with its cowl twin. I have just the right mohair hanging around...

Une enfant avec des lunettes rit. Elle porte une tuque rose à pompon.
(c) Inspire Création

Considering the crazy amount of amigurumi I've made in 2021, it wouldn't be realist not to put one in this make nine. I've chosen this funny yet adorable seagull. It's just too cute with its hat!

(c) Valentina Camus

Fur Christmas ornaments

I still cannot believe how cute the bear I made last Christmas was. I will definitely be making more of The Loopy Lamb's fur creations. It's not easy making an amigurumi from this yarn but it's totally worth it!

un ornement crocheté à la main en forme de hibou tenu dans une main
Fur queen's owl ornament (c) The Loopy Lamb

Sincerely Pam's Christmas Stocking

My mom still has my childhood stocking which Santa still garnishes every year, but for my home's decor I'd really much like to make this one (approved by the boyfriend), as well as its fox remix by Winding Road Crochet.

If you also share your #makenine, send it my way or tag it with #lesmaillesamailloux! I'd love to see what your plans are and be inspired 👀


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