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Goal accomplished: I was published!

Making a big check on your bucket list is a pretty cool way of finishing the year. On December 28, 2021, a very special magazine was published online and in all good magazine stands and stores: the February 2022 edition of Crochet World. What makes this magazine so special to me is what you can find on page 52...


This is my very first magazine-published pattern, the Kalispell Throw. It's a 48" x 60" velvet blanket. You already know of my love for velvet because of my scrunchies but this is bringing the love to a whole other level! Plus, this is my very first pattern for a blanket/throw/afghan.

Woman holding magazine crochet pattern
It's me! My name in print!

Where did you find that idea?

Back in 2020, a customer contacted me because she fell in love with the texture of velvet after buying some scrunchies from my shop. We discussed her ideas, her color choices and textures she liked and that is how the blanket was born! When Annie's call for projects came out a couple months later, I immediately got my notes out and put this in writing.

Black and white crochet velvet blanket couverture home decor
(c) Crochet World

I really like getting your custom orders; while they're often a challenge, they allow me to push myself further in terms of creativity. Why make things simple and look for an online pattern when you can just... make one up from scratch?!

Kalispell what?

Kalispell is an American city in the north of Montana, approximately below Calgary if you look at a map. According to my American friends it's a pretty cold place but I promise the blanket will also be fine for Quebec winters!

To make yours, you will need 5 skeins of Bernat Velvet yarn (4 of main color and 1 for contrast color), a 6.5 mm hook and your copy of the pattern, available in Crochet World.

Kalispell is a soft, warm and quite heavy afghan, which makes it extra reassuring and fun to have. Let's just say it was less fun to crochet in the heat of July, but I can confirm it keeps the legs warm! It's a simple, easy pattern for beginner crocheters.

BTS: strongly recommend making this in the winter, ha!

Other makes in this issue

Other than my pattern, there are 23 more patterns in this issue of Crochet World. Here are just 3 of my favorites:

Heirloom Aran Afghan by Nazarin S. Fard

Heart Cottage Tags by Maria Vlasova

Hailstone Pillow by Debra Arch

What's next?

I have tons of ideas in my crochet book for all kinds of patterns: home decor, practical makes, kid's clothing, hats and scarves... 2022 will be quite busy too!

I want to send proposals for more magazine publications and I also have a couple collaborations that are coming up!

If you're a crocheter and are reading this, this is your sign to go ahead and send your proposals! What's your goal for 2022? Aim for one simple, attainable goal, no need to make a long list for the New Year!

Happy New Year! ❄️


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