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2021 in 11 crochet patterns - part 1

Did you know that I published my first pattern in early 2020? That means I will soon be celebrating my 2 year anniversary as a designer. I published 7 patterns in my first year, thanks to the support, inspiration and resources I found when I joined the Francrochet collective in my early days as a designer.

If you're bilingual and speak French, you should join the Francrochet Facebook group right here which is for everyone. If you'd like to become a professional member, click here!

2021 continued in the same way and I published 11 patterns, including collaborations with local creators, international organizations and to support initiatives that are important to me.

What about a little recap of this year of designs?

All the mentioned patterns are available in my Etsy or Ravelry shops and are available in English.

1- The Québécois: a bulky alpaca cowl

First pattern of the year and first collaboration with Ranch H et J, a local alpaca yarn producer and the Francrochet collective, as part of the Douceurs d'hiver project. 6 designers (including me!) were paired with Quebec fiber producers to create patterns tailored for Quebec's cold winters.

Level: beginner

Materials: worsted weight yarn (I used alpaca for extra warmth) held double and a 6 mm hook

2 and 3- Hip to be Square and Vague d'amour, the squares

*These 2 patterns are only available in French.

Another great project from Francrochet was the "collective quilt", which took me out of my comfort zone. I created these 2 squares as part of a bigger project to be joined together in a giant quilt. Those 2 squares were actually the projects I found the most difficult to make last year.

The quilt was made by 7 francophone designers (Quebec and France) who created 16 patterns with the lovely We Crochet yarns.

Level: beginner

Materials: worsted weight yarn and a 4,5 mm hook

Les 16 patrons sont disponibles gratuitement ici ou réunis en 1 document pdf pour achat ici.

4- The Bubbly Clip

A quick, easy, and practical pattern for the little ones around you. I have offered and sold many of these in 2021 and each time I have been told that the children love them and that they wash very well.

Photos: Valérie Baribeault and Valérie Clément

Level: beginner

Materials: a pacifier clip (plastic or other), sport sized cotton yarn and a 3,5 mm hook

5- Montreal Backstreets, a pattern for CGOA

CGOA is the Crochet Guild of America, which were looking for patterns under the colorful home theme. I suggested Montreal Backstreets, a cotton clothespin basket, and they selected my project for their June CAL! It is now available for everyone.

Other possible uses: storage for scarves, mittens and hats, for plastic bags, for toys, or whatever else you can think of!

Level: beginner

Materials: worsted weight cotton yarn in 2 colors and a 4,5 mm hook

6- The Party Balloon

This is my new tradition: on my business birthday, I launch a celebratory pattern! In 2020, I made the Party Hat, and 2021 was the Party Balloon.

👉 What do you think I should make for 2022?

Level: beginner

Materials: worsted/aran weight yarn (leftovers will do), a wooden stick, some polyfill and a 4,5 mm hook

Hey! Enter code PARTY when you buy both patterns and you'll automatically get 20% off both patterns (Ravelry and Etsy).

Numbers 7 to 11 coming in a new article very soon!


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