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2021 in 11 crochet patterns - part 2

2021 was such a busy year for me that my recap had to be in two parts! Here are the last 5 patterns I published in 2021.

Read the first part of this recap here to discover the 6 first.

All the mentioned patterns are available in my Etsy or Ravelry shops and are available in English.

7- V is for Violet, my very first beanie!

Quebec dyer Sac'Amé challenged me to create a design using only 1 skein of fingering weight yarn from her Alyster base, in a beautiful purple colorm, which she then named... Amy!

V for Violet is a slouchy beanie, which incorporates a section of single crochet v-stitches, making it a fast make (well, considering it's a fingering weight yarn).

Level: easy

Materials: fingering weight yarn and 2,25 and 2,75 mm hooks

Sizes: baby, toddler, child, small, medium, large

8- The Québécoise, to match The Québécois

After The Québécois, The Québécoise! This hat is complementary to the cowl pattern I created in early 2021. I accepted an invitation from Ranch H et J to design a second pattern from her beautiful alpaca yarn. It ended up being a warm, thick and soft beanie, perfect for our winters.

Level: easy

Materials: worsted weight yarn, 4 and 5 mm hooks

Sizes: baby, toddler, child, small, medium, large

Psst! Enter promo code QUEBEC when buying both Québécois patterns and automatically save 20%.

9- Sally, a collaboration for Twist X Designers

Sally was created after I was invited by Twist Festival to propose a new pattern in collaboration with a local dyer, so I worked with my friend CréartLaine's yarns. I chose to donate half of this pattern's sales to the Montreal Association for the Intellectually Handicapped.

👉 I'm talking about this in more details here.

Level: intermediate

Matériel: worsted weight yarn, a 4,5 mm hook and 4 1" buttons

10- Got Beer?, a funny Christmas ornament

Another type of pattern I'd like to do every year is a Christmas tree ornament 🎄. Ornaments are a huge family tradition: every year, we give each other an ornament or bring some from our travels, so every ornament in my tree has its own little story.

After publishing a yarny Christmas tree that kinda looks like a weed but in 2020, I made a beer bottle for 2021!

Un ornement au crochet en forme de bouteille de bière est placé dans un sapin de Noël

Level: easy

Materials: worsted weight yarn (scraps are fine!), a 2,75 mm hook and some filling

*Two label options are provided in the pattern.

11- The Kalispell Throw, my first time being published!

I've talked about this very big bucket list check in another article, so I'll leave details there but that was very exciting! The Kalispell Throw, named after a cold city in Montana, is made of Bernat Velvet yarn. It's exclusive to the February 2022 edition of Crochet World magazine which you can buy now (online or material versions are available).

Une couverture en laine noire lignée blanche est déposée sur une chaise
(c) Crochet World / Annie's

What's coming in 2022?

I honestly have more draft patterns that I can publish this year but interests come and go so...

👉 What is it YOU want to see me publish in 2022? Garments? Child's stuff? Decor accessories? Hats? I want to know!


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